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Reserve driver

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We kindly request you to enter your application details. If you encounter problems, you can also reach us on 085 1234 567.

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If the ride takes place today, you can only book by phone.

CEO private driver

Our CEO private drivers, all professional drivers, have undergone multiple driving skills training and are at least CCV-D1 certified. Our executive drivers are usually seconded to our clients for a longer period of time. However, if you want to make temporary use of one of our professional executive drivers, then this is of course also possible.


Having a private driver not only provides you with the convenience of not driving yourself, but a Privedo driver also performs tasks such as refueling, washing or a garage visit for, for example, a service.

Have you ever thought what kind of work you can do in the back of the car? while your private driver drives you to an appointment in your own vehicle. A Privedo driver is a smart step, in this way a private driver does not cost you any money, but instead delivers money.

A Privedo driver can be used for all types of driver journeys. We provide private journeys throughout the Netherlands, we are also active for international journeys. Follow the steps on the driver reservation page, to reserve a private driver, executive driver or a taxi driver.